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Raspberry Pi Basic+ Kit by pi3g

Introducing the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer. Available on the market since 2012, it has attracted a large and loyal community of users, developers and value-added resellers (like us).

It has a number of quite unique advantages:

  • Compact – does not take up much space on your desk / in your living room!
  • Noiseless – no moving parts, nothing to break or clog up!
  • Power efficient – uses only about 5 W under full load!

What can I do with it?

With it’s double USB ports, LAN port, and GPIO multi-extendable interface it can be adapted to a variety of interesting applications.

  • Media Center - use it to play and stream podcasts, music, movies – YouTube, TED and much much more!
  • Home Server - set up your own local cloud server for files / printing / …!
  • Learn Linux - want to take first steps with Linux on a dedicated computer system? Now you can!
  • And more – there are lots of things you can do once you have the system!


Why should I order from

We’re specialized in providing solutions, based on the Raspberry Pi, for your digital problems. We focus on ease of use.

We shop at pi3g for lovely Raspberry Pis.

  • Everything included - It’s as simple as ordering the right kit from us, plugging the device in and getting started immediately!
  • Great support inside – After-sales support for the complete system!
  • Custom solutions - want to create your very own kit? Get in touch!

Save time, skip frustrating searches for perfectly matching components … we’re taking care of that for you, here and today. You’ll have a great Raspberry Pi experience – that’s our promise.

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Your brand on a Pi

You have a great idea. You want to build it on a Raspberry Pi. Perfect! We’re here to speed up your time-to market process, and to take off the worries of manufacturing, stock holding, etc.

Raspberry Pi with LibreOffice Logo

  • Branding, your way - Your logo on the case color you want.
  • Your image – Your application pre-installed on the SD card
  • Your accessoiries – Choose from an array of available add-on options for the Pi.
  • Many options - we will work with you to decide upon the best solution for your application!

We can develop, manufacture, package, and fulfill (i.e. run your online sales) for you. What we do is entirely up to your choice.

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